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Updated 7.14.2019

Celebrating 36 years of breeding
parrots in Denver Colorado!

Birthdays Gifts, Holidays Gifts Etc...

Please note that I cannot do a rush shipment of a bird to you because a family member or friend needs a gift on a birthday or holiday all the sudden at the last possible second. You need to adopt on the birdsĀ schedule. They have a breeding season and a weaning time frame. So you need to be patient and adopt on that time frame. I do not have birds lying around all the time for last minute rush situations. You may need to wait weeks or months for your turn on the wait list. But most importantly you need to adopt during breeding season. Since that's when there are babies to adopt.



Wait List Info

There is a $25 for the Conures which will be deducted from the final payment on the bird. This is to ensure you don't drop off of the wait list at the last second without telling me once the bird is ready to go home.  If you do decide not to adopt then I need for you to let me know. You have 24 hours to contact me after I email you to pick a baby. After that I will move to the next person on the wait list. You can skip one round of babies and wait for the next batch if you wish. But I am cutting that off at 1 skip.  If you don't adopt from that 2nd batch your name comes off the wait list. Not contacting me at all when I email you for your turn to pick constitutes a skip. I need to know these babies have homes.

You also need to pay for the baby within 24 hours after you have picked it, so I can put your name on it. If not paid for within 24 hours the next person on the wait list can adopt it. Please note: Do not send me money for a baby before I have told you that you can have that baby and I ASK YOU TO SEND MONEY.

Green Cheek Conure Wait List

  1. Amy - 1st picks. I really need a Turquoise & Yellow Sided both sex's. Crimson Conure both sex's.