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Updated 7.14.2019

Celebrating 36 years of breeding
parrots in Denver Colorado!

Green Cheek Conures

Green Cheeks are very affectionate little birds. They are always going out of their way to get your attention. They are funny little clowns that love to play and be silly. They have a ton of personality in a pint sized body. They make wonderful family pets.

Green Cheeks are small parrots, a little smaller than a Cockatiel. And they come in many colors!

Green Cheeks can live up to 30 years if cared for properly. They are known as one of the quieter parrot species which makes them very appealing for your home.

Green Cheeks can learn to talk and whistle. But they have a limited vocabulary. So usually learning 2 or 3 things. But their personality makes up for the small vocabulary. They love to cuddle their humans. But they have that spunky personality that makes them fun.

Crimson Bellied Conures

Crimson Bellies are similar to Green Cheeks but the Crimsons are stockier. So they are wider and a bit beefier that Green Cheeks.

Crimsons are known to live up to 20 years. But honestly they are a newly discovered species compared to most others, so it is possible that they live longer. We just don't have a huge database of info to judge that by. They have only been in the USA since the late 90's. I personally wouldn't be surprised if they live to be 30.

Crimsons have a similar personality as the Green Cheeks. And they are also quiet for parrots. They can also learn to say a few words or whistle. Crimsons are very affectionate and love to get your attention. They are big cuddlers. They are very gentle and yet lively. They are funny and have tons of acrobatics to show off.

Additionally they show more emotion and expressiveness in their faces, and they are very touchy feely. They are agile and have great agility in flying. These traits are more unique to them than other Pyrrhura varieties. There are many people who consider them to be the perfect pet parrot. Crimsons are calmer in a flock situation than Green Cheeks. Crimsons are more of a colony bird and have that mellow disposition. Not to say that Cheeks don't do well in a group, but sometimes GC's can get a little spunky with each other. Crimsons are also more easy going when it comes to adding other species into the flock. But caution should always be used when you are doing this with any bird species. Crimsons can also do a better job at mimicing other birds calls than other Py species.

Crimsons play hard. They are intense flyers during play time. Play time last longer and gets quite amusing. They are more likely to try new things right away without over thinking it or getting scared. They are very bold and fearless in many ways.

Crimsons very beautifully colored! Normally you see this kind of deep red in Macaws not the smaller pet birds.