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Updated 4.1.2023

We are not going to be breeding this year. We are taking a break this season. Please do not email us asking for babies while we are having a break from breeding. 


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Hey Amy,
I just thought I would email you to let you know how little Ollie is doing, since we’ve had him for a little over two weeks now!
He currently weighs 65.2 grams. His favorite foods are kale, strawberries, and walnuts, but we always give him something new to try each day as well! 
He’s definitely started to bond with me, and for sure looks forward to time out of the cage so he can hang out with me.
We’ve found that he really enjoys toys with bells on them, and toys that he can rip to shreds lol.
He’s not a huge fan of my other birds, so I play with all of them separately. Maybe he will take a liking to them eventually though! 
As I mentioned in a previous email, he might be starting his first molt very soon, And when that happens, I will update you! Until then, thank you so much for this amazing little guy. He’s a sweetheart and I couldn’t have asked for a better bird. 
Emily :)


Hi Amy, 
Just wanted to let you know that Gravity is settling in nicely. I decided to get them all a bigger cage since he likes to stretch his wings and the hens are following suit. He doesn't seem to be interested in any of them yet, but he is a very calm, sweet bird and they've finally.stopped.screaming.

Thanks again for allowing us to bring him home, he's such a lovely little fellow and we're glad he's part of the family.

Gravity Adult Untamed Bird


Hi amy!
I just wanted to wish you a happy Thursday and let you know how much fun Jimmie and I have together everyday!
I could not ask for a more perfect bird for me!
I love teaching and training him to play new games with me.
He is so smart and loves to talk!
Anyone who gets one of your babies is the luckiest person!
Have a super holiday weekend with your family!
I love the name vlasic and cannot wait to see him grow up with pickle!

Amy, I can't thank you enough for raising such a perfect little bird! Edgar has totally exceeded my expectations. He's been with me now for just over a week and has settled in wonderfully. I am totally impressed with what a calm and sweet baby he is. He steps up nicely out of his cage, lets me ruffle his neck feathers, loves to be petted, and sits on my shoulder to snuggle into my hair. The entire family is really enjoying him too. I love him so much already!  

Melyssa Royersmith
Westminster, CO
Male SF Grey Cin English John X Grace

Each bird that Amy lovingly pairs, breeds, hatches, hand feeds and loves is a true work of art.
They are not only beautiful birds on the outside, but on the inside too with the most loving, smart, funny and trusting souls.
I could not be happier with my little budgie, Jimmie.
He is more than I could have ever hoped for and working with Amy was and continues to be a joy.
She is professional, caring and very detailed oriented to make the whole experience wonderful.
She loves, raises and cares for her birds like they are her own as babies, finds the perfect homes for them and then welcomes the new parents to keep an open line of communication with her and others who have bought her birds if they would like to.
I have the highest respect for her and her business and recommend anyone lucky enough to find her to add one of her beautiful birds to their family.
She is the only breeder I have ever found who is this professional, an expert in her field and talented in her creations.
Melissa Langer, Louisville CO
SF Violet Cobalt Yellow Face 3/4 English Manhattan X Rebel

Hi Amy,
My new best friend, Penelope, is doing just fine.  I have her in a smaller cage at the moment as we discussed and move her from living area when I'm home to the bedroom at night and when I'm gone.  She is eating her seeds and drinking from the water dish. I give her my finger to "step up" several times during the day to get her used to me. She is adorable. I plan to introduce her to kale this weekend.

Debbie Hankins
Bart X Supergirl


Hi Amy,

Just a quick update on Maui. She is doing great!  Eating, drinking well and opening up a little more each day!  This evening, I noticed she is starting to explore her cage a little more. I think she likes her new home!

You were right, she has a very sweet, kind soul and very calm.  I have never seen a bird that is so calm.  We really like her.  You did a great job with her too.

Thank you!  

Laurie Ormsby
John X Grace


Hi Amy,
I wanted to let you know that "Hadley" is doing wonderful! He is such a cutie! What a little personality! He still feels safer burying himself in our sweatshirts or cuddling up in our hands against our chest. He seems to prefer seeds, however we limit those to certain times of day.  And he has been eating his "wet" food and his pellets too.

Thanks Again,

Sage Cundy
Green baby Griffin X Sprout

Hi Amy,

Kiwi is doing GREAT! She didn't eat or hardly move for the first 2 days, then, just when we were starting to worry, she settled in and bonded with us.

We are having so much fun with her. She loves to nestle in my daughter's hair, the sound of running water, and listening to music. She is eating and drinking very well now, and she is learning to step up.

We'll touch base with you again soon so you know she is thriving and how much we are cherishing her.

Female Green Griffin X Sprout


We are enjoying Peepers more every day! My daughter is home from college and amazed at how much he can say. He loves people and our poodle. He's always trying to groom her.

Paula B. 
SF Violet Cobalt 1/2 English from Sparta X Silk Spectre 


I will update you on Reggie-our whole family is completely heads-over-heels in love with her, and she seems to reciprocate that feeling. We are able to leave her out of the cage when we are home, and even some days when we are not we will leave her out if it's warm enough for our dog to stay outside. She will spend the day between her cage, a little play-set we have for her, and my blinds where she likes to chirp at the outside birds (we know where she's been by the droppings). But as soon as we come through the door she flies to us and greets us with lots of little "kisses" all over our faces and necks. If she senses we are all getting ready to leave she gets very clingy and when we try to put her down she anxiously flies to us to try to stay with us. I think it helps that I'm home some days all day, some days my husband is home doing paperwork (and she LOVES to sit at his desk with him and either shred papers or sleep on his shoulder-he's funny, he will go to youtube and play long recordings of jungles or pastures so she can listen to birds chirping), and we're always home after school, so all told, we get to spend a lot of time with her. Jayza is a good mom-she takes super good care of her and her cage and now my older daughter is patiently awaiting the arrival of your next clutch so she can get her own baby. 

Anyway, I thought you might like to know your baby is doing well and is very much a part of our family now. And we're all very excited to be able to get another baby as soon as we can.
Thank you and have a great day!

Theresa Veno
Lt Green Opaline Hen from Capt America X Fury


We love Our little Petrie. Thank you!

Andrea Rossignol
Normal Dark Green from Capt America X Fury

We love our new baby. He is so sweet and loves to spend time out of the cage with us. He can hardly wait for us to open the door and jumps right on our hand.

Paula B.
SF Violet Cobalt 1/2 English from Sparta X Silk Spectre

Hi Amy,

I'm not sure if you like reports on your babies but I thought I'd tell you that our's is doing well. We're still not sure of a name, we kind of like Rigby right now since she reminds us a spazzy gymnast. (After Cathy Rigby). She seems comfortable in her cage, found the food and water pretty quick and has checked out all of her toys and perches. She loves to hang out as high as she can in her cage, so she likes the perches and really doesn't spend much time on the bottom of her cage anymore. We left her alone, as instructed, in her cage till last night and she was anxiously trying to get out so we let her out since it had been 2 full days. She spent an hour or so getting to know us all, softly biting at our faces and necks, etc. Today she's been out quite a bit as well. Seems more content to sit with Jayza calmly though, and wants out a lot.

Theresa Veno
Lt Green Opaline Hen from Capt America X Fury

Frederick aka "Little Fred." The birds are enjoying each other and getting to know us. They spend a lot of time watching us but get riled up now and then. Willis is definitely the ring-leader. Thanks again -- they are a lot of fun now that they are warming up to us.
Kelly Bell
Willis and Fred the recessive pied from 202H 

Peeps is doing great! She is eating the seed and drinking her water. She is starting to get vocal as well. Peeps is a great little birdie. Thank you Amy. 

Mike W.
Ms. Peeps (green hen Willis X Jean Grey) 

Peepers is doing great! I just walked into Claire's room and she started "swaking" to me then flew to the side of the cage and climbed up. When I walked up to her, she went to the perch by the door. I know she wanted out. Although Claire has been playing with her quite a bit since the two day stay was over, I am still limiting the amount of time Peeps can be out of the cage. Just trying to develop some stamina.

Laurie C.
Peepers (yellow face blue hen Willis X Jean Grey)