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Sun Conures

Suns are known as the smallest bird that looks like a Macaw. And they are beautiful! But what makes them even more endearing is their personalities. Suns are mellower than their smaller Pyrrhura Conure cousins. Suns make very strong bonds with their people and are very loyal. They are also about 2 inches larger than the Pyrrhura Conure's. Suns are considered a medium sized parrot. They weigh around 100 - 120 grams.

Suns are rated on the loud scale for parrots. But not as loud as Macaws, Amazons, or Cockatoos. So take that into consideration. Do not adopt one if you cannot handle a loud bird. Suns need plenty of bonding time with their humans and out of the cage time. This will keep them from getting bored.

Sun Conure's can live up to 30 years in captivity. And can learn to mimic sounds and say a few words.

Sun Conure's are very popular as pets. But they are considered endangered in their natural habitat.

All Sun Conure's start out a different color than what they will be as adults. They get prettier, with more bright yellow & orange and in the case of Red Factors, more red as they age. They will lose most of the green on their wings. So what you see as a baby is not what they will be as an adult. That makes it very fun to see them change! They will start this change around 6 months old with their first baby molt, and they will finish at around 1 year old. This ability to change color is a defense mechanism that keeps them safe as juveniles in the green forest.

Suns need bigger and more wood toys than the smaller Conure's. They are huge wood destroyers. So have toys available. It's fun getting them new fun stuff, they just love it! They really use their toys.


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