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Updated 10.3.2022

Celebrating 39 years of breeding parrots in Denver Colorado!

Currently its not breeding season. And won't be until this fall when nest boxes begin to go up. 

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Our Breeder Boys

These are our breeder birds. If you would like to adopt from me please see our nursery or planned breeding's pages. These are not available. Sun Conures do not breed until they are 2 years old. So please be patient with me as I raise the following birds:

Oliver (Jeckle)

Oliver AKA Jeckle
Sun Conure
DOB 12.16.2019
Bred by Jadie's Bird Nest
Parents are Jz X Beyonce
Shipped to us on 1.26.2020
Likes to talk. Says "Whatcha Doin?", "Good bird" & "Pretty Bird."

<--1 year old
His parents. Pic from his breeder.


 2 mo. Old

Jeckle's Age

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Disease Testing Record

Parents are fully disease tested. Negative on all.


Red Factor Sun Conure
DOB 8.5.2020
Bred by Jadie's Bird Nest in TX.
Parents are Sunny X Cher. Who throw High Yellows.
We drove out and got him on 10.11.2020
11 months old here.


<-- 2 months old in the pic.







Ricky 6 months old and starting to get his colors in.  ➜ 

Rickey's Age

Disease Testing Record

Parents are fully disease tested. Negative on all.