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Due to the airlines only doing flights for medical people, animal shipping is not being offered from us at this time.


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Updated 1.19.2022

Sorry I am late posting the babies! My family had covid, then the next week was vacation then the next was Christmas. Bad timing on everything! But babies are now available!

Thank you. 

Celebrating 39 years of breeding parrots in Denver Colorado!

Last clutch of the season in the nursery!

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I ship via Delta for $185 plus below costs. To approved adopters who have passed my screening process.​ Inside the U.S only.

If they change pricing I will let you know.

+ The price of the bird


Birthdays Gifts, Holidays Gifts Etc...

Please note that I cannot do a rush shipment of a bird to you because a family member or friend needs a gift on a birthday or holiday all the sudden at the last possible second. You need to adopt on the birds schedule. They have a breeding season and a weaning time frame. So you need to be patient and adopt on that time frame. I do not have birds lying around all the time for last minute rush situations. You may need to wait weeks or months for your turn on the wait list. But most importantly you need to adopt during breeding season. Since that's when there are babies to adopt.