Colorado Parrot Breeder

Squeaky Cheeks Aviary

Updated 9.27.2020

Celebrating 37 years of breeding
parrots in Denver Colorado!

All of Our Babies Are Reserved. See Our Planned Breedings Page. Babies are hatching now.


All of our babies are flight trained poop trained and come with a DNA certificate included into the price.

Also all of the parent birds are disease tested and negative for diseases before being bred. We take the health of our birds very seriously!


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Prices - Green Cheek Conures

Normal Green Cheek

Normal Yellow Sided Green Cheek

Normal Pineapple Green Cheek

High Red Pineapple Green Cheek

High Red Yellow Sided Green Cheek

Turquoise Green Cheek

Pineapple Turquoise Green Cheek

Cinnamon Turquoise Green Cheek

Turquoise Yellow Sided Green Cheek

High Red American Dilute Green Cheek (Yellow Sided shown)

Mint Green Cheek (Opamint shown)

Dominant Red Green Cheek (Pineapple shown)
Not Dilute

Suncheek Green Cheek

Prices - Crimson Conures

Crimson Conures

Prices - Sun Conures

Normal Sun Conures
(Baby color pictured)

Red Factor Sun Conures
(Baby color pictured)



What You Take Home

All Conure's come with:

  • DNA certificate from IQ Biotech or Avian Biotech where applicable (some birds are sex linked and we know the sex)
  • Birth Certificate from us.


Need a Carrier?

$25 each 

Holds up to 2 Conures

Please order at least one week before pick up. You can also purchase it at the time you pay for your bird.



PVC Play Stand

$25 each

This playpen is made specifically for Budgies & Conures. Its 10" wide 10" Tall and 12" from front to back at the base. Birds can sit on the top or on the legs. Sitting surfaces are wood grain for birdie traction.

One week notice as they are hand made special for you.

Baby Pictures

If you would like pictures of your baby and its clutch mates, please bring a zip drive and I will download to it free of charge. Putting pictures on a CD is not available. I need a week notice before you come so that I can get the pictures ready.

Please remember that printing pictures off my site illegal.

Payment Policy - PayPal

I only accept instant transfers through PayPal, not e checks which take up to a week to approve. I do not take checks, credit cards or cash.

Please note that I will not hold a bird with no payment. Your name goes on them as soon as a full payment is made.

If you do not pay in full, the bird will not be held for you. Its as simple as that.  

If you change your mind after paying for the bird, $200 of the birds total cost non refundable. The only exception to this is if I decide to back out for any reason. And in that case if you have already paid, I will return the entire amount.

All babies must be picked up no more than 2 weeks after they are ready, I do not hold them for later. If you do not pick them up after the 2 weeks, I will not refund and you and I will charge $2.50 per day for boarding.

** I will not wait for you to set up a brand new PayPal account. PayPal can take anywhere from one week to 3 months to verify your bank account. So I wont hold birds for you to do that. If you do not currently have a PayPal account please set one up before contacting me about adopting. 

Making Payments Through PayPal

1. You must write in the PayPal transaction which bird & extra items the payment is for.  Do NOT leave the transaction blank. Add which numbers the babies are and which parents they are from.With large clutches and everyone is using PayPal I need to know which bird to put your name on to mark as sold. It is too confusing to weed through dozens of our past emails to find the info it needs to be in the PayPal transaction!!!
2. Email me for address to send payment to. Do not try and send it to the address on my contact page! That is not my PayPal address!
3. PayPal charges a small fee. Please add their fee to your transaction. Here is the link to the PayPal Calculator to get exact fees to add. Type in your order total, and it will tell you the fees to add. Add the amount that says "PayPal Fee" to your total amount.