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Updated 7.28.2021

Celebrating 38 years of breeding parrots in Denver Colorado!

Our 2021 breeding season has just begun!

National Geographic & Cengage Learning

These photos were commissioned by the National Geographic and Cengage Learning. This was a wonderful opportunity that I had to work with such prestigious companies in August and September of 2014.

2014 Copyright Amy Williams, National Geographic, Cengage Learning

I have always promoted professionalism in my photography skills. And now its paid off. Nothing should be posted on a website that is blurry or from a cell phone with dishes in the background or a dirty floor like you see so many times and poor quality. Professionalism is so important even if your just a hobby breeder of animals.

©Copyright 2014. All rights reserved to myself and National Geographic & Cengage Learning on these 6 photos. These 2 companies and myself have exclusive rights to them and they cannot be used in any way.