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Updated 7.14.2019

Celebrating 36 years of breeding
parrots in Denver Colorado!

Planned Breeding's

Please remember you are waiting for the birds breeding season. They do not breed on your schedule!!!

This page is here to let you know what my breeding plans are so that you can get on the wait list. Once the babies are hatched I will move this info to the nursery.

#1 Planned Breeding - To be paired September 2019

My Crimson Conure Pair 
It is still too soon to be put on the wait list.

My Crimson Conure's will be placed together September 2019. 


#2 Turquoise Green Cheeks - To be paired December of 2019

Will have all Turquoise babies some Turks will be Yellow Sided.
Still too soon to be placed on the wait list.