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Updated 8.17.2019

Celebrating 36 years of breeding
parrots in Denver Colorado!

Wait List is Open!!!

Planned Breeding's

This page is here to let you know what my breeding plans are so that you can get on the wait list. Once the babies are hatched I will move this info to the nursery.

All parents are disease tested prior to breeding.

Babies will be flight trained and recall trained before they go home. When the babies go home they will be weaned onto a healthy diet of fresh vegetable chop, Bird Street Bistro cook mix and fruit Zupreem pellets.

Wait List Open!!!

Bud & Rose - To be paired August 2019 - Currently going in the nest box!

I expect all High Red Pineapples like their parents.

Hank X Skeeter - To be paired September or October of 2019

Hank X Skeeter for Turquoise babies!

Andy X Ruby - To be paired December of 2019

Andy X Ruby will have Turquoise, Yellow Sided Turquoise, Normal Green & Normal Yellow Sided babies.

Jack X Meg - To Be Paired May 2020

Suncheeks, some High Red. American Dilutes, some High Red & some Yellow sided, some Pineapple.

Rudy X Poppy - To be paired September 2020


Crimson Conure's