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Squeaky Cheeks Aviary

Updated 4.1.2023

We are not going to be breeding this year. We are taking a break this season. Please do not email us asking for babies while we are having a break from breeding. 


We have a MeWe page. Please join us there.

Planned Breeding's

This page is here to let you know what my breeding plans are so that you can plan ahead.
Once the babies are hatched I will move this info to the nursery.

All parents/grand parents are disease tested prior to breeding.

Babies will be flight trained and recall trained before they go home. When the babies go home
they will be weaned onto a healthy diet of fresh vegetable chop, Bird Street Bistro cook mix and
natural Zupreem pellets.

  • We reserve the right to keep the pick of all clutches we raise. Unless other agreements were made prior to breeding a pair. IE... another breeder needs something specific. In that case contact me when our breeding plans go up on our website. Furthermore, if any breeders or pet adopters want babies please follow the adoption process and contact me once we send out a mailer to make babies available. Or when you see them posted as available on our site.

Currently not breeding season at this time

I will not be pairing any birds until the fall of 2022 since my last generation won't be old enough to breed until then.

We will not have English parakeets in 2022.

As you know we only have one female. So please do not ask for English babies this year. Parakeets only breed in a colony setting.