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Updated 10.11.2021

Celebrating 38 years of breeding parrots in Denver Colorado!

Our 2021 breeding season has just begun!

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Planned Breeding's

This page is here to let you know what my breeding plans are so that you can plan ahead.
Once the babies are hatched I will move this info to the nursery.

All parents/grand parents are disease tested prior to breeding.

Babies will be flight trained and recall trained before they go home. When the babies go home
they will be weaned onto a healthy diet of fresh vegetable chop, Bird Street Bistro cook mix and
natural Zupreem pellets.

  • We reserve the right to keep the pick of all clutches we raise. Unless other agreements were made prior to breeding a pair. IE... another breeder needs something specific. In that case contact me when our breeding plans go up on our website. Furthermore, if any breeders or pet adopters want babies please follow the adoption process and contact me once we send out a mailer to make babies available. Or when you see them posted as available on our site.

Fall of 2021:


All of the pairs who have babies in the nursery right now will be given the opportunity to have a 2nd clutch. Some of those are listed below.

Hank X Skeeter - Just finished hatching a new clutch.

Hank X Skeeter
All Turquoise variations of normal both sex's, female Cinnamon, female Yellow Sided, female Pineapple.

My most prolific pair. Parents to one of the birds on most of my other turquoise pairs.

Marty X Jennifer - Eggs have hatched

Marty X Jennifer
This pair will have 100% High Reds in Pineapple females and Yellow Side both sex's. 50% of this clutch will also be Dominant Red on top of the colors listed.

Discounts given on Dominant Reds that have a bald spot or weepy eye. Which has no effect on the health of the bird. And they grow out of it. More info here.

Ray X Babydoll - Eggs have hatched

Turquoise, Pineapple, Yellow Sided, Cinnamon, Normal Green. And Turquoise variations off all of these. All will be split to Mooncheek and Suncheek.

Planned to keep:
2 Pineapple or Yellow Sided Male. One for Dilute line for and one for Mint line from Peppermint & Patty.



Tyler X Carly - eggs have hatched

Tyler X Carly

This pair will have all High Red & Dominant Red babies. Color possibilities are female Pineapples in High Red and Dominant Red. And male Cinnamons, in regular and Dominant Red.

Discounts given on Dominant Reds that have a bald spot or weepy eye. Which has no effect on the health of the bird and they grow out of it. More info here.


Mama X Oliver (Heckle X Jeckle) Just given a nest

This will be our 1st Sun Conure breeding and we are very excited about it! We are not sure if they will breed for sure this season because they will just barley be old enough to breed. So patience is needed.

We will be getting both normal and Red Factors.

We plan to keep 1-2 babies.