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Updated 4.1.2023

We are not going to be breeding this year. We are taking a break this season. Please do not email us asking for babies while we are having a break from breeding. 


- 6.29.21 Updated Planned Breeding's

Our planned breeding page is updated. Please see what we have going on.

- 2.13.2021 Thinned Numbers

We have let some of the birds go that refuse to breed well. We had some that wont raise babies or that attack their babies. Last year it became a real pain the the rear to foster and hope we had foster parents available for them. So the ones that have been chronic problem parents are no longer in our breeding program. And we are on the wait list from our favorite breeders for new pairs. Unfortunately because we are such a small aviary, and are limited to a small amount of cages, we cant waste our limited space on pairs that won't produce well. We need every cage producing well for us.

- 10.1.2020 Virus Testing

We have been testing our parent birds for multiple diseases to be sure we are not sending out any sick birds. We have been testing for Psittacosis, PBFD & Polyomavirus as well as doing a lot of DNA sexing. All our birds have been negative for those specific viruses. Starting this week we will now start testing all our adult birds for Avian Bornavirus. This is a test that's not commonly done in aviary's. Many breeders don't know about the virus I am noticing. But a few breeders are now adding "Borna" to their normal regiment of testing. If any of our birds do get a positive test result for any of these things we will have to unfortunately put the bird down. Which is a super stressful decision. If a bird has any of these diseases they are incurable, should not be bred, or ever housed with other birds. This is a difficult thing to talk about or think about but it's the reality of producing healthy animals. Unfortunately because breeders are not doing Borna testing on a wide scale there are birds slipping through the cracks and the diseases isnt being culled out from the community. And its biting people and birds in the butt. And we want to be responsible and do the right thing. Yes it's costing us a ton of money do do ALL these tests, but it keeps our conscience clear and actually improves the birds as a whole. Which is the entire point of breeding in the first place.

- 9.18.2020 New Birds

Exciting news! We have been able to ship in some amazing birds lately. From wonderful breeders. These birds will all be used in our future breedings. We were able to add brand new rare varieties, and very colorful varieties to our breeding program. Such as Dominant Red Green Cheeks, Red factor and normal Sun Conures. We will have just about every color Green Cheeks come in to offer. All of our new birds have been added to our website. Please take a look and enjoy!

- 8.19.2020 Babies Again!

We do have babies again. Not a lot of them. But we have some. Watch our nursery for updated and more info.

- 6.23.19 - Updating Site

I am currently updating my website. Since I took 3 years off to move and rebuild my little hobby my site was very out of date.

I am planning to set up breeding pairs for this next breeding season which starts this fall. I am also in the process of getting as many new breeding birds as I can form high quality breeders during this current season. I have a couple of awesome breeders I am working with to accomplish that. Keep checking with me for more updates to the site!

- Breeding Season Again!

I have placed 7 pairs together. And I will put one more pair in the breeding cage as soon as my new nest arrives in the mail.

If you want babies, you should know that my chicks adopt out very quickly. Usually within 3 days of me posting them. So please get on the wait list now so that you can be sure that you are going to get one for sure.

- Posting Availables Soon!

I will be getting individual pictures of the chicks this week. And once that happens I will contact people on my wait list for reservations. I have spots open on the wait list too, there are more babies than adopters.

- Baby Pictures Are Up!

Baby pics are in the nursery. Hurry go look lol. I will contact people when the babies are 4 weeks old for reservations. But only if you are on the wait list.

- Hand Feeding Plans

I plan to start hand feeding all 3 clutches on Saturday the 21st in the morning. This is when my son starts his Xmas break from school. And we can do it together. Its perfect timing.

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