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How Adoption Works

I think misunderstanding how hobby breeders work is a common problem. Versus how a pet shop works. So let me clear up some things. There’s no such thing as "customer service" in the hobby trade. Hobby breeders don't have customers. So that doesn’t even apply to a hobbyist.  We have adopters. And each and every one of them must impress us in order to adopt our babies that we have work so hard on for so many years. If someone stops by and refuses to read my website or learn the adoption process or refuses to be interested in me, it’s a huge red flag for myself or any hobby breeder.  We don’t have to customer service you up in order to proceed with an adoption. You have to be the right person with the right temperament and attitude to pass the adoption process. 
Additionally; when given a very easy to navigate website that has directions on how to proceed with adopting from a hobby breeder, and you refuse to read any of it... it’s not the fault of the hobbyist.  All you needed to do is read the adoption process, that gets you started then look to see what is available. That’s it. Your part is easy. I get to spend nearly 40 years breeding great birds and building the website, making it simple and updating it every day to make it easy for you. I do not need to keep answering questions that are already on my website. That just tells me you have zero interest me or what I do. And what all I’ve put into the birds.  You should see how that is a problem. If you keep emailing them back and forth asking questions that are already covered on the website it can be very frustrating for the breeder.
If you're looking for a pet shop experience, don’t come to someone who can’t give that to you.  In a pet shop where you walk in hand them money and walk away with the animal. I do so much more than that. And you need to be worthy of my babies. Your being interviewed for adoption since email one. You need to be in your best behavior. And at the very least be polite. A hobby breeder is there to help. They want your adoption to succeed. And will be there for a lifetime of support. Unlike a pet shop. But you can’t be controlling of them and demanding. Because they are calling the shots with their animals. These are babies bonded to us and we  have stayed up all hours of the night caring for them for months. For generation after generation.  If you can’t be kind and interested in the hobbyists info.... the breeder isn’t going to want to send their babies out to that type of situation. The breeder worries if you can’t read a website, how’s your ability to learn about bird care. Furthermore; if you can't be patient through an adoption process with a hobbiest, how is your patience going to be with a loud mouth toddler of a bird for the next 30 years?
I am not a business. I have a hobby in my home. My birds are higher quality, longer lived, healthier and genetically better tempered. I’ve worked my whole life to make them that way. I am going to be strict on who adopts from me. And I need to like the person my babies are going to. I deny adoption to people based on the reasons on this page. Especially during the holiday season when people stop by with the attitude where they want a bird as fast as humanly possible, for as cheap as possible at the last second possible. Many adoptions are denied when I can sense these things. I don't do this for money, if I did I would offer up more babies than I do instead of keeping so many. And I wouldn't breed in my home I would have a huge building to breed in. Instead I care so much about my babies that I interview each person I adopt to. The birds that do get posted as available are going to go to people who impress me and people who have a good head on their shoulders. I will be sure of that.
In conclusion, I cannot read my website for you, and then type it all out in an email. You need to put effort into this too. I will know if you don't.