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All of our birds come with a 7 day guarantee from the time you take possession of the bird. They are all guaranteed to be in good health at the time you get them.

If any problems develop all that is needed is for you to see a certified avian vet within the 7 days and contact us within that 7 days. Also bring us a certificate from your certified avian vet stating the health issue. If any problems occur Squeaky Cheeks will replace the bird with an equal or lesser cost bird when one becomes available. Or we will refund the full purchase price at the choice of the adopter.

We will not guarantee the bird if you didn't give them the food we feed, and you choose something else. That includes the pellets we are using as well as the veggie chop. Fresh not frozen. The diet they need to be on is found on the diets page of the website.

We will not guarantee them if you put them with a bird they do not know during the guarantee period of 7 days.

We will not guarantee them if you didn't not give the baby the required 2 day acclimation period of leaving them in the cage. Babies are naturally nervous when they move to a new home with a new cage and new people. So they need 2 days to see you and your normal every day routine. And hear the normal sounds in your house. You cannot also be taking them out and holding them during this acclimation period. At first holding them will scare them worse and make them think you’re a scary person. So build trust and leave them alone for 2 days! Once your 2 days is up and they know you’re ok, then take them out.

Following these steps is a must to get our guarantee.


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Updated 10.11.2021

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