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Updated 7.14.2019

Celebrating 36 years of breeding
parrots in Denver Colorado!

My Breeder Boys

These are my breeder birds. If you would like to adopt from me please see my nursery or planned breeding's pages. These are not available.

My Turquoise & Yellow Sided Turquoise



Andy (Williams)
Shipped from Something Cheeky on 4.26.2019
DOB 12.28.2018. Bred by Something Cheeky
Excellent temperament. Just a doll! He likes to play with all the toys. Always steps up for me right out of the cage. I am still bonding with him and evaluating him since he's a baby.

Andy's Age

My High Red Pineapples


High Red Pineapple
Shipped from The Conure Coop on 7.13.2019
DOB 2017

Bud is paired with Rose. And has had one successful
clutch with her at the Conure Coop.


My Suncheeks

Name theme: Fruit

Unnamed until I do a DNA

Not Sexed Yet. Breeder thinks its a male so I will put "him" here for now.
Mom was a pineapple split dilute and dad was a normal/pineapple/dilute.
DOB 2.9.2019
Bred by Something Cheeky



Name Theme

 Influential Singers

Upcoming names to be used:

Hank Williams
Andy Williams
Tyler (Steven)

Patsy Cline
Annie Lennox