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- 10.1.2020 Virus Testing

We have been testing our parent birds for multiple diseases to be sure we are not sending out any sick birds. We have been testing for Psittacosis, PBFD & Polyomavirus as well as doing a lot of DNA sexing. All our birds have been negative for those specific viruses. Starting this week we will now start testing all our adult birds for Avian Bornavirus. This is a test that's not commonly done in aviary's. Many breeders don't know about the virus I am noticing. But a few breeders are now adding "Borna" to their normal regiment of testing. If any of our birds do get a positive test result for any of these things we will have to unfortunately put the bird down. Which is a super stressful decision. If a bird has any of these diseases they are incurable, should not be bred, or ever housed with other birds. This is a difficult thing to talk about or think about but it's the reality of producing healthy animals. Unfortunately because breeders are not doing Borna testing on a wide scale there are birds slipping through the cracks and the diseases isnt being culled out from the community. And its biting people and birds in the butt. And we want to be responsible and do the right thing. Yes it's costing us a ton of money do do ALL these tests, but it keeps our conscience clear and actually improves the birds as a whole. Which is the entire point of breeding in the first place.

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Updated 10.19.2020

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Currently closed. We will be back soon. Around the time our nursery babies are available. We are currently adding new birds into our breeding program and disease testing them. Please be patient. We are very busy and working very hard on this for the next week or 2.