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English Budgies

I only offer hand fed English Budgies. Not Americans, not parent raised. Hand feds only. And mine are from excellent lines. No pet shop lines. We disease test all of our parent birds before they are bred.

I have personally been breeding Budgies since 1983. To the left is a pic of one of the ones I bred in 2013. I have almost 4 decades of experience with breeding and showing Budgies. In fact that website was previously before we expanded to other species.

They are and have always been the little loves of my life, so sweet, mellow and full of personality. They are colorful, loving, and can live a long time if cared for properly. There is a lot of mis info on the internet about English Budgie life spans. This is because people do not feed them like a parrot needs to be fed. People want to put them on a seed diet and sparingly feed some veggies. This is so bad for them and does nothing for their health. Please feed them like I have outlined on my diets page. Pellets and chop is what they need just like all other parrots! A Budgie can live 10 - 15 years if fed correctly. They weigh from 54 - 60 grams.

Right now since I am no longer exclusively breeding Budgies and nothing else, I do have other species, I do not have these as often as in the past. Please remember that I breed them for my own enjoyment. And for my hobby, I am not out to make money, so I do not have them available all the time. For example I do not have enough of them to support the hoards of Christmas shoppers... Also Budgies have a very specific breeding season which starts in September and goes through the end of March. So the rest of the year, I won't have them available. Please follow our adoption process if you want to adopt. I will leave it entirely in your hands to contact me once I post them to our mailer. Since we do not make wait lists. Wait lists are useless as people never ever stay on them and that hurts the breeder in the end.


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My National Geographic & Cengage Learning Photo Oppertunities

These photos were commissioned by the National Geographic and Cengage Learning. This was a wonderful opportunity that I had to work with such prestigious companies in August and September of 2014. All were bred by me.

2014 Copyright Amy Williams, National Geographic, Cengage Learning