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Crimson Bellied Conures

Crimson Conures are a bit mellower than Green Cheeks in my opinion. They are also colony birds and less territorial with other species than Green Cheeks. Crimsons can live up to 20 years in captivity. Crimsons are considered a small parrot.

Crimsons like to learn whistles and mimic sounds better than Green Cheeks, but like GCC's they can say only a limited amount of words if they decide to talk. Crimsons are stalkier and bulker than GCC's. And in my opinion a little quieter. But both are considered quieter on the parrot loudness scale.

Crimsons are newer to the pet fancy. They were introduced in the 90's. You don't see many of them in pet homes. So that can make them fun to own as its something different than what most parrot owners have.

Crimsons start out as a green bird with stripes on the head and neck area with teal around the cheek area, but at about 7 months old they lose their green breast feathers and molt out with bright red ones. At about a year they will have a full red vest for the rest of their lives.

Crimsons love toys. Be sure to get them small parrot toys and not parakeet toys which can be dangerous for bigger birds.