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Updated 10.19.2020

Celebrating 37 years of breeding
parrots in Denver Colorado!

Currently closed. We will be back soon. Around the time our nursery babies are available. We are currently adding new birds into our breeding program and disease testing them. Please be patient. We are very busy and working very hard on this for the next week or 2.

My Breeder Boys

These are our breeder birds. If you would like to adopt from me please see our nursery or planned breeding's pages. These are not available.


Crimson Bellied Conure
 DOB 4.23.2019 Bred by The Conure Coop
Shipped from The Conure Coop on 7.13.2019
Came home at 2 months 3 weeks old.
Jasper is my special little boy. The Conure Coop does an amazing job with raising and training their birds. He was already flight trained and recall trained. Loves coming out of the cage to see us. Very bright, intelligent little bird. He wolf whistles.

Name Theme

My Crimson Conures are all named after names that mean "red".

Upcoming names to be used:


Sweet Pea

Jasper's Age

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Disease Testing Record

Negative for Avian Bornavirus.