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Let me start by saying that my Blue Crown's wont be ready to breed until 2023. Since they are babies. So please do not ask me if I have any available right now.

Blue Crowns are a much larger species of Conure than any of  the other Conure's that we breed at Squeaky Cheeks. At a stance a Green Cheek only comes up to the Blue Crowns shoulder. And a Blue Crown is twice the width and has a length of 15 inches. Blue Crown weight 140- 190 grams. Green Cheeks are around 65-75 grams. So more than twice the size of the GCC. Blue Crowns live 35 - 40 years. BCC weigh around 160 - 200 grams.

There are different sub species of Blue Crown's. Some don't have much blue on the head. Ours do. We prefer the brilliant color mutation. Ours have a nice Blue head and red under their tail. With the classic white skin around the eye that Conure's have. And a green body. 

Blue Crowns are considered a loud Conure. So that has to be a main consideration when adopting one. The difference between the sound volume of a Blue Crown verses a Sun is that the Sun likes to make noise often, whereas the BCC is quiet most of the time, but when it does make a sound its a loud one. If you want the quieter type of Conure, go with the Green Cheek. However, having said that loudness depends on how they are raised. If they are raised in a quiet home they will be quieter, and vise versa. FYI our baby nursery is pretty quiet. So they don't start out knowing obnoxious sounds from me!

Blue Crowns are good talkers. Not excellent like an African Grey. But they have a very good talking ability and silly sound making ability. As they are very, very intelligent. Among the Conure's BCC's are the best talkers. Look up some BCC talking video's, you won't be disappointed. They love to laugh and dance. As with most parrots they are good with color sorting and trick training. They are one of the mellowest and most laid back of all the Conure's that we breed. Their personality differs from the GCC and Sun's in that BCC are mellow and sit and observe more. Green cheeks are energetic and hopping all around. Suns are like a cat in that they have to see everything and get into everything with constant curious antics. A BCC will sit and observe, make slower movements and likes to cuddle. Its not squawking all the time and is just all around more chill. But because if its large size the sound is louder when it does happen.


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