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Updated 11.5.2023

We are not going to be breeding this year. We are taking a break this season. Breeding will resume in the fall of 2023. Please do not email us asking for babies. If you are on our mailer and waiting please contact another breeder if you have to have babies right away. Otherwise if next season works for you we can get in touch then. Thank you. If you email me for pricing and availability you will not get a response. Since there's no babies right now.

Simple Adoption Process

  • This process is necessary in order to adopt from us.
  • Check our nursery to see if we have babies available currently. If we do not we will post them to our mailer when we have them.
  • Join our mailer.
  • Once we post available babies on our mailer, email us right away weather you are a pet adopter or a breeder wanting a baby. And let us know which baby you want to apply for. We adopt them out in the order you contact us after the mailer goes out. 1st come 1st served. You can also contact us about adopting if you see a baby that is marked as available on our site. We are a small aviary and breed a small amount of birds so email us fast! We do not have a ton of babies to offer.
  • We do not make wait lists. So it is up to you to contact us after we post babies for adoption.
  • After you contact us, we will send you the adoption application.
  • Once approved we will have you make the non refundable down payment which comes off the price of the bird if the baby still needs time to wean. We will then put your name on the bird on our website and mark it as reserved. See prices page for info on that. Alternatively if the bird is old enough to go home at the time you gain adoption approval you can pay for the bird at the time you pick it up that same week in cash.
  •  After adoption approval on non weaned chicks we will keep you updated as they are growing.
  • Going home: Green Cheek babies are ready for their new homes at 9 weeks old for instate pickups and 10 weeks old for flights out of state. Sun Conure's 13 & 14 weeks. And Blue Crowns 14 & 15 weeks. If they wean on time. Blue Crowns might need a week more ish... Please be flexible.
  • Adopters need to contact us to set up a pick up appointment for instate pickups. Hours are listed at the bottom of this website.


  • We reserve the right to keep the pick of all clutches we raise. Unless other agreements were made prior to breeding a pair. IE... another breeder needs something specific. In that case contact me when our breeding plans go up on our website. Furthermore, if any breeders or pet adopters want babies please follow the adoption process and contact me once we send out a mailer to make babies available. Or when you see them posted as available on our site.


  • If we have babies they will be posted in our nursery. Our breeding plans are posted on our planned breedings page.
  • We do not have a phone number posted on our website. We have not had a home phone for 20 years. Email us with any questions.

Visiting Babies Before You Adopt?

I am a closed aviary as most of us are. Viruses are spread via air and clothing. And I will not risk losing my entire breeding colony for you to look at them. There is no value to me in that. It is impossible for me to quarantine them for a month after you had touched them.

Please follow the adoption process.


Please read about our health guarantee here.