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Updated 11.5.2023

We are not going to be breeding this year. We are taking a break this season. Breeding will resume in the fall of 2023. Please do not email us asking for babies. If you are on our mailer and waiting please contact another breeder if you have to have babies right away. Otherwise if next season works for you we can get in touch then. Thank you. If you email me for pricing and availability you will not get a response. Since there's no babies right now.


Our family has always loved 2 things animals and Colorado. Our family is one of the oldest pioneers of the state of Colorado. On the Colorado gov site it calls my family a "Centennial family". My great grandmother commissioned the big horn sheep to be the state's official state animal. My family was one of the 1st to register a cattle company in the state of Colorado. While we are no longer in the cattle business, most of us still have or breed animals here in Colorado.

In 1983 I Amy) began breeding birds. And for many years I showed my Parakeets and finches with the RMSA and CCBA.  I had many show birds and loved them dearly. I won best bred and banded several years in a row back in the 1980's and 90's. I was way ahead of my time as a veteran show breeder before I was 10 years old. I took breeding very seriously even at a very young age.

In 2015 I decided to start breeding Conures. As I had breed so many other types of birds, such as finches (many different kinds), Budgies, Quakers, Cockatiels. But I had always wanted something more personable and intelligent than the previous types I had bred. The others are fun, but not as smart and silly as the Conures. And most of them so much louder in my home I just couldn't stand it anymore. And as a breeder of 32 years at that point I had reached all of my goals with the smaller birds and yearned for something new again. So I re named my Aviary to accommodate my new venture.

My husband Tim and son Evan are also a huge part of the Aviary. We all hand feed and socialize the babies daily. The babies are raised in our home and we only breed a small amount of birds so that each baby can get the attention and training it needs to be a well adjusted pet for any family home. We are not a large scale breeder, as we only have around 9ish pairs at a time. We won't bite off more we can chew. Baby parrots require a ton of individual time spent with them.

Why We Hand Feed

If you choose parent raised babies, you will still have to tame them if you want handle able babies. They will be imprinted on their parents. But because they have been handled all their lives in our care, taming will be much, much easier. Now if you choose hand fed babies, they will be imprinted on humans, and do not need to be tamed,and in many cases already talking when they go home. Either way please be assured that all our babies whether hand fed or parent raised, they have all been loved, handled and cared for, its just that your end result is dramatically different depending on which you choose to adopt.

I hand feed because we want to have an interactive experience with our birds. And I want that for my adopters. Instead of having birds just are stuck in a cage. Playing with and bonding to a bird is 99% of the fun!

Our hand fed babies are removed from their parents at 2-3 weeks old when they are old enough to partially regulate their own heat. I hand feed them from that point until they are weaned.

About Our Birds & Ethics of Breeding

I believe that it is important to allow the birds to act according to their instincts and breeding rituals whenever possible, and by not allowing the birds (especially hens) to feed and rear young, it denies them of an important stage of the reproductive cycle. I prefer for my future breeding stock in particularly to have been taught how to raise their young by their parents if even for the 2-3 weeks they were parent fed.


Handling the Babies

I am very excited about our babies, to say the least! I begin handling them the day they hatch and every day after that. There is always a reason I did each breeding, there is a goal I want to achieve and we are rigorously looking at the babies to see which one I get to keep. After all I take weeks or months planning each pairing.

Mom and dad are used to us getting into the nest box and taking out the babies and they are very accepting of it. After all, they have been handled since they were hatchlings too!

You can be sure that each and every baby is taken out, checked over to be sure its healthy and socialized. I love our babies and the parents so we treat them with the utmost love, care and respect. This way they will be ready for you to do the same when they arrive at your home.