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Updated 4.1.2023

We are not going to be breeding this year. We are taking a break this season. Please do not email us asking for babies while we are having a break from breeding. 

Housing More Than One Bird Together

When keeping one bird in a cage you insure they make a strong bond with you. If you put 2 birds in the same cage naturally they will bond to each other. And in most cases they won't bond to you. So keep them in separate cages. The only way it works to put them in the same cage and still make a human bond is if you had them separate for a year or more and already made that strong bond with each of them. And then later down the road once bonded to you, then you can add them together.

Do not ever purchase a baby or adult and put it in with an existing bird straight away if your looking to make a bond with the bird. It doesn't work that way. Birds would rather bond to each other and not you if you do that. Do not do that with my babies because I send them home very sweet and wanting people and this will make them forget people and loose that desire to want people, that I worked to hard at getting for you. I do not guarantee sweetness towards people if you put them together.