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Updated 12.11.2019

Celebrating 36 years of breeding
parrots in Denver Colorado!

Babies are posted in the nursery!

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Welcome To Squeaky Cheeks Aviary!

Welcome to our aviary! We are a Colorado parrot breeder. My name is Amy and I am a very small hobby breeder located in North Denver off of 84th and I-25. I was established as a parrot breeder in 1983, and have devoted my life to it. My husband Tim and son Evan are also a huge part of the Aviary. We all hand feed and socialize the babies daily. The babies are raised in our home and we only breed a small amount of birds so that each baby can get the attention and training it needs to be a well adjusted pet for any family home. We are not a large scale breeder, as we only have around 9ish pairs at a time. We won't bite off more we can chew. Baby parrots require a ton of individual time spent with them.

Our birds are raised in our home and are as loving as they possibly can be. All are hand fed and ready for a playful life in your home.

We are working with two Pyrrhura Conure species, the Green Cheek Conures & Crimson Conures. We love them because of their silly antics, intelligence and amazing color. They are bold, curious, fearless and super funny! They love people so they are great family pets. They can talk, whistle and learn to dance, shake hands, roll over, jump up and down in excitement and they can be taught recall just to name a few. They are also known as the quietest Conure species. So if your looking for a smart parrot that's not too big or loud, Pyrrhura Conures might be the birds for you. 


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